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Attorney at Law

A small general law firm in New York City

We speak Hungarian - beszélünk magyarul
Emese Olah, amerikai magyar ugyved

Our law firm is dedicated to serve our clients' needs with diligent and professional work and exceptional attorney-client contact.


I, Emese Olah, Esq., have ten years work experience from Budapest, Hungary, working as an attorney and in house counsel. 


My current practice in New York City serves large variety of clients with cases covering different practice areas, such as Corporate law, Nonprofit corporations, Probate and Contracts.  


I pay attention not only to finding the perfect legal solutions for my clients but keep them informed about the improvements in their cases. Because prompt communication is very important, most of the time you can reach me directly so you will not be disappointed with long message options and wasted time.       

 Practice areas:

Corporate Law

Nonprofit corporations


Contract drafting and negotiation

English-Hungarian translation

420 Lexington Ave., Suite 300
New York, NY 10170
Tel.:  (646) 926-1090


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