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Corporation Foundation

We assist our clients to choose and form the correct form of corporation to meet their objectives:


S corporation

C corporation

Joint venture


Limited Partnership (LP)

Limited liability company (LLC)

Professional corporation (PC)

Professional limited liability company (PLLC)

Professional association (PA)


The basis for every good business relationship is having good and reliable contracts between the parties.


Our firm drafts contracts that achieve your long term goals and protect your interests.


We will represent your corporation as an outside counsel in the following matters:


Strategic contracts

Commercial agreements

Document review


Loan agreements

Nonprofit Corporations

We advise you in identifying the nonprofit type that fits your profile and needs. We assist in forming nonprofit corporations by drafting and filing the necessary foundation documents and obtaining the necessary permits.

Registered Agent

Our law firm can be a registered agent of your corporation. This will ensure that all revelant and important documents will be attended to as soon as they are received.


We represent beneficiaries in probate matters. Also, we act as administartors of different estates, including Hungarian related estates. 

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